Adelfa is an online invoicing & accounting tool perfectly adaptable
to the business you run, and not the other way around.


Perfect for large business entities or franchises with a sprawling number of branches and outlets, Adelfa lets you micro manage individually and extensively. Report generating and production analytics lets you make smart decisions real in real time.


Your store is charming, and your register should be too! Regardless of your design and store concept, Adelfa's business point of sale enables you to centrally manage your sales reports, employees and customers.


Adelfa adapts to your service-based business with simple checkout and loyalty programs to make your customers happy. Adelfa is the ideal point of sale for your small salon, gym, valet, livery, computer repair or interior design business.


A system that adapts to your needs, when you need them. Adelfa is a highly customizable system that can be configured for almost any type of business.

Point of Sale

Adelfa makes it easy to sell to your customers no matter where you are, whether you use our responsive web-based POS or Adelfa App.


Adelfa makes adding, editing and removing products a breeze while helping you track stock levels, simplify purchase orders and stock transfers.

In the Cloud

All of your data is stored on the cloud, so you never have to worry about losing data.

Grow with Ease

Add more products, users, registers or additional outlets without any effort. Adelfa is designed to easily help you scale and grow your business.

Get in touch

We know every company is different and has different needs. Let us know what makes you tick and Adelfa will comply.